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Homeless shelter ready to open in Pottsville



Servants To All is ready to open its homeless shelter. The nonprofit organization will open its shelter this week with 13 available beds at United Presbyterian Church, 214 Mahantongo St., Pottsville. Servants To All has hired staff for the shelter to open as soon as needed.

New organization in Pottsville looking to house the homeless

By Mark Gilger Jr. (staff writer February 15, 2014


A recently formed nonprofit organization in the city is looking to give the homeless a place to stay.


Currently, there is not a permanent shelter in Schuylkill County where homeless people can just walk in and spend the night. Albert A. Nastasi and Servants to All are looking to change that with a project called My Father's House in downtown Pottsville.


Nastasi, a Pottsville resident and chief finance officer at the Simon Kramer Cancer Institute, New Philadelphia, started the charity organization about a year ago and is in the process of acquiring a building downtown he wants to turn into a center to help the homeless. Servants to All was accepted as a 501(c)(3) in September.



Church in city offers shelter to snowbound, homeless

​BY STEPHEN J. PYTAK (STAFF WRITER Published: February 14, 2014

Eileen Bobb said she spent the last few days braving the elements, including snowstorms and freezing temperatures.


"I just put on a coat to stay warm," said Bobb, 49, who claimed she was homeless."


"And she's got frostbite," Marilyn Stefanski, 69, of Shenandoah, said.


They were among the people who spent Wednesday night and Thursday morning at a temporary shelter for the homeless and snowbound. It was set up at Trinity Episcopal Church, 200 S. Second St., Pottsville, as Winter Storm Pax dropped more than six inches of snow on Schuylkill County. 



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