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Street Outreach

Servants to All provides the essential services necessary to reach out to unsheltered homeless people; connect them with emergency shelter, housing, or critical services; and provide urgent, non-facility-based care to unsheltered homeless people who are unwilling or unable to access emergency shelter, housing, or an appropriate health facility.


Street Medicine / 
Walk in Clinic

Street Medicine is the practice of providing medical care to unsheltered people experiencing homelessness in locations like encampments, parks, and under bridges. Many reasons prevent people experiencing homelessness from accessing medical treatment in traditional settings. These include the theft or destruction of unattended personal property, the effects of trauma and prior negative treatment from mainstream health providers, and the need to prioritize basic human needs such as food, shelter, restrooms, etc.   Street medicine providers can provide the same primary care services on the street as they can in physical clinics.

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