My Father's House seeks to provide effective programs that allow for lasting resettlement for displaced individuals who have multiple and complex needs. The mission is to break the cycle of repeat homelessness by strengthening the individual’s internal mechanisms related to positive life choices, and by building partnerships and deep foundations before building bridges to sustainable independence. Through compassionate, intensive training, our goal is to reintroduce capable, confident, and well adjusted members into society.


The vision of My Father's House is to create a center where individuals in need of work and shelter can find support and assistance, and in turn, assist the community. As part of our mission, our trained volunteers, many of whom are prominent business owners, skilled tradesmen, and respected professionals, will assess community requests for assistance and supervise and partner with our training program participants in order to satisfy those needs at little or no cost. Enrollment in our vocational rehabilitation program is opened to all unemployed Schuylkill County residents on a prioritized basis according to need. Our programs will include daily workshops, monthly job fairs, and on the job training through various in-house business ventures. We also intend to provide small business training, mentoring, and seed capital to those individuals who prove to be able and motivated to start their own small business.


For displaced individuals and families that enroll in our program, free room and board will be provided for up to 30 days. They will have the opportunity to participate in community and business venture activities, be taught how to manage a budget, find a job, and pay a nominal rent which will be placed in a savings account set aside for their own future housing.  


"It is through free creative, participatory and mutually supportive labor that human beings express and enhance the dignity of their lives." Pope Francis


 Servants to All

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