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Servants to All is a faith-based program and homeless services provider that offers emergency shelter, homeless prevention, street outreach, street medicine, case management, and supportive services to those in need in Schuylkill County.  Servants to All also provides necessities such as food, clothing, and hygiene products to any community members in need, and there are no fees for any services provided.  Shelter clients are also provided daily necessities, laundry machines, transportation, replacement identification documents, and financial assistance for prescriptions and co-payments. Computer workstations, mentors, and motivational speakers are also available.

Servants to All assists vulnerable populations such as veterans, persons with disabilities, re-entry population from incarceration, families and youth. Servants to All also supports the needs of the elderly in collaboration with local Senior Services and Adult Protective Services.  We seek to serve individuals who are sleeping in places not meant for human habitation, people being discharged from an institution with no permanent residence available, people who would be discharged from an institution if there was a permanent residence available, displaced victim of domestic violence, and those at risk of homelessness due to financial difficulty.                     




"Charity is more than mere handouts, it means working to eliminate the structural causes of poverty and to promote the integral development of the poor. This means education, access to health care, and above all employment, for it is through free creative, participatory and mutually supportive labor that human beings express and enhance the dignity of their lives...The worst discrimination which the poor suffer is the lack of spiritual care. ... They need God and we must not fail to offer them his friendship, his blessing, his word, the celebration of the sacraments and a journey of growth and maturity in the faith."  


                      ~ Pope Francis





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