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The OSM is responsible for admitting clients of My Father’s House Day Program into the overnight shelter facility and maintaining a peaceful, orderly atmosphere according to program policies and procedures.  The OSM is responsible for the health, safety and quality of life of the individuals in a shelter setting during overnight shifts. They provide assistance to clients based on need level of guests and adhere to all agency policies and procedures and licensing/funding source requirements. They must be awake and available to clients during the overnight shift until clients have left the program or until the morning staff person arrives. There are 4 part-time positions open. Each position is approximately 24 hours per week.


OSM Qualifications:

• 2-year degree in human services or comparable combination of education/work related experience preferred; Minimum High School degree or GED required;

• Minimum one (1) year human services experience;

• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and comprehend oral and written instructions;

• Experience working with individuals with various mental health diagnoses and addictions;

• Experience working with the homeless a plus;

• Provide services to guests without ethnic or social prejudices;

• Will be expected to successfully complete training and obtain certification in Narcan administration, CPR/First Aid, de-escalation, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention;

• Ability to be flexible with scheduling according to program needs;

• Even temperament, respect for the dignity of every person, ability to balance discipline and compassion;

• Bilingual (Spanish/English) highly desirable.     


Major Duties and Responsibilities for OSM:

  1. Understand and follow all shelter procedures as stated in the procedures manual;

  2. Set up shelter before admitting and registering clients into the overnight shelter;

  3. Greet clients and others upon arrival and provide general information on programs;

  4. Articulate and enforce program rules and procedures clearly and consistently with all clients;

  5. Perform basic non-contact security searches;

  6. Coordinate bed assignments, bathroom breaks, and other routines;

  7. Maintain supervision of clients, volunteers, and shelter property at all times;

  8. Address any behavior issues that create disharmony, criminal, or otherwise non-productive behavior;

  9. Role model positive, professional behavior including appearance and communication with others;

  10. Lead group in positive sharing prior to lights out;

  11. Complete all shift logs, incident reports and written violations;

  12. Perform housekeeping and other maintenance tasks as needed, i.e. change light bulb, plunge toilet, etc. Maintain staff area cleanliness, etc.;

  13. Maintain confidentiality regarding clients, personnel and other internal agency affairs;

  14. Adheres to strict boundaries and professional ethics in the care of others;

  15. Maintain a working knowledge of fire, safety, and health standards to assure a safe work environment for clients and all personnel;

  16. Conducts crisis intervention as needed;

  17. Carry out other duties as assigned.

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